2017 Inauguration Trip

Three Seniors from Charlevoix High School were our speakers at our May 16th luncheon meeting.  Pictured are Mckenna Ebert, Kara Simpson, and Christan Matye. They were with the group that traveled to Washinton DC for the inauguration of president Trump. They said the five-day experience gave them a new appreciation of our history and how our government works. They enthusiastically debunked the fact that it was the largest inauguration in history. They were told to expect to expect a crushing crowd, huge delays in getting into the venue and passing through security. They said this was hardly the case. They did encounter protesters that delayed them only momentarily as they easily found different entrances. They were able to quickly pass through security. They visited many of the attractions in the Capital. One of the highlights was the treasure hunt where the students were required to take “selfies” at various buildings and monuments.