Alfred Soriano-Micheau

Meet Alfred Soriano-Micheau. He spoke at our May 2nd meeting. He showed a video about his trip to the Dominican Republic with the Beacon Dental to provide dental services to the poor. He could relate to the people he met because of his own compelling story. Alfred was born in a Philippine prison where his mother was imprisoned for protesting then president Marcos. (She was a teacher) He was adopted by a family who treated him poorly. He slept in a box under a table until he was put out on the street as a teenager with all his possessions in a plastic bag. (He’s pictured here with a symbolic box and plastic bag.) He managed to go to school and graduate at the top of his class. Although he wanted to be a dentist, he received a scholarship for pastry school. He managed to gain an internship at the Grand Hotel on Mackinaw Island and ultimately ended up opening his own shop and catering business in Charlevoix. He will be moving to Savanah, GA and attending dental school in South Carolina. Thank you for sharing your incredible journey with us Alfred. (Hopefully you’ll write a book and someday return to Charlevoix)