Luncheon Programs

Frank Shaler Charlevoix Re-Cycling

Frank Shaler spoke about the Re-Cycling program for Charlevoix County. Mr. Shaler said that the ability to recycle so many items should mean that very little should need to placed in the containers for local pick-up. There are some exceptions such has building materials, batteries, and electronic equipment. He said that water based paints should…

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Richard Hodgson Charlevoix State Bank

Charlevoix State Bank CEO was the speaker at our January 17th meeting. He spoke about the banks history and the advantages of a locally owned bank. He also spoke about banking regulations.¬†Laws designed for banks large and small put extra staffing on a smaller bank that a larger bank can more easily absorb. Never the…

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Sheriff Chuck Vondra

Chuck Vondra took over the duties as sheriff of Charlevoix County at the first of the year and we were pleased to have him as our guest at our January 17th meeting. Sheriff Vondra continues to be very active in drug enforcement activities as he did previous to election to his new job. He also…

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