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Two scholarships available for this valuable leadership program

We're looking for students from the Charlevoix area to attend the Key Leader weekend  April  28 - 30. The event is open to graduating 8th-grade students through high school seniors. Kiwanis Club of Charlevoix is offering two scholarships for this program. (Value $250 each)

Key Leader is Kiwanis International’s leadership education program for students, primarily in high school. The Key Leader mission is to provide a life-changing experience that inspires young people to achieve their personal best through service leadership. Events are open to all students ages 14 to 18, including those currently in a Kiwanis student group such as Key Club and students who have not yet been a part of a Kiwanis family of programs. There is no limit on the number of participants from the same school.

Students will arrive for registration from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. on Friday and depart after 11:30 a.m. on Sunday. All lodging, meals, and activities are at the event site. During that time, the students have large and small-group activities, with a combination of lectures, discussion, interactive activities and audio-visual presentations. The weekend will offer a lot of fun with new friend.

" I was a sophomore in high school getting fairly good grades. I guess I was shy. I was not involved in any activities, had no real goals or plans for the future. My high school counselor told me she thought this would be a good program for me. She didn't say this directly but I think she was telling me I wasn't living up to my potential. I told my parents about the program and they thought this sounded like something that would be good for me. To be honest, I wasn't so sure about that. I was afraid I would be with a bunch of "go-getters" with whom I would have little in common.  When the weekend started, some of my worse fears were realized...there were some really outgoing kids but there were lots of kids like me. That weekend changed my life. I made new friends, I decided I was going to go to college. I even decided to run for student council. (I didn't win.) But I did join the Key Club, started working at the Food Pantry, got my family re-cycling and was accepted at MSU. I plan to be a teacher and I know I'll be a good one."           - A Michigan college student

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"Each day there was absolutely  amazing. Our lead facilitator was an inspiration to every person in the room, and I am proud to say that she has helped me believe in myself and my abilities to become a leader."— Excerpt from an article written by a Key Leader graduate from Ohio


"Key Leader creates a comfortable setting that helps everyone discover talents within themselves. It was the spark that changed who I was and paved a brighter future for who I can become." —Key Club member from Iowa


"Key Leader has been an aha moment not only for me but also for the students who attend. It gives insight to the Kiwanis mission and the amazing potential our youth have to offer." —Kiwanis Club member from California
"My favorite part of the weekend is watching my students reach their full potential and blossom as leaders. Kiwanis Key Leader changes lives." —Teacher from Indiana

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